Careem promo code March 2024 – 70% OFF Rides

Careem is a leading taxi brand based in Dubai and the owners of Careem are from Pakistan. Careem promo codes help people to get mega discounts.

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Careem operates in over a hundred countries including Pakistan. Careem promo codes and voucher codes are released every week for their potential riders. This is the fastest-growing taxi service in Pakistan.

Careem Promo Code March 2024

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Careem Tamasha App Promo Code – JAZZ08KMDGBL or JAZZLRVUSPWG- use this Tamasha App promo code on careem and get flat 100 rs. discount on your ride. Offer valid till 31st December.

ISB50get a discount on your ride up to 100 Rupees.

THATS – 35% OFF on your order by applying this promo code.

MCB50 – Use this promo code and get a 50% Discount on your ride, this promotion is exclusively available for MCB cardholders.

HANGRYLHRGet up to 70% off by applying this code, which is only valid in Lahore.

Careem Promo Code UAE

[promo_code_box desc=”Apply This Careem promo code for UAE to get Flat 50% off on your first ride. This offer is valid for the first two Rides only.” code=”CAE” title=”CAE”]

[promo_code_box desc=”Use This Careem promo code for Noon UAE to get Flat 50% off and free shipping on your first 3 deliveries.” code=”CAE” title=”CAE”]

Careem Food Promo code?

[promo_code_box desc=”This is Careem Food Promo Code use this code and get a Flat 50% discount on Food order” code=”FD25″ title=”FD25″]

Careem Promo Code Dubai first Ride?

[promo_code_box desc=”This is Careem Promo Code Dubai First Ride, use this code and get a Flat 30% discount on First 2 orders” code=”AUG30″ title=”AUG30″]

Careem Cleaning Offer: This is an Exclusive cleaning offer by Careem for UAE customers, Avail this fantastic sale offer and clean your house.

Sign Up Offer – 20AED Off with sign-up offer, limited-time offer


MASTERCARD – 20% Discount for up to 3 Rides per month, this offer is valid for all users.

MOMEN4645102 – Get 50 credits by using this promo code, just sign up and avail of this offer because this offer is only for new users.

Meezan15 – Get 30% OFF by using this promo code, this offer is valid until 31st October all across Pakistan.

PICODI – Get 200rs. credit by using this promo code. This promo code is only used in Karachi.

SHAFAQS269 – Apply this promo code and Get AED 1 credit at your checkout. This promo code is only valid in Dubai.

PKR120 – Get 3 rides for 250 and get a 120 Rupees discount. This offer is valid on all types of rides.

Careem Promo Codes Saudi Arabia

PICO – Get a 50% discount on your every Careem food order. This offer is available for 3 times usage and the max discount is 20SAR.

careem promo code

Careem Free Rides

Careem also give free rides to their customers, you just have to follow the instruction to send the invitation to your friends and family members. you will get credit for each invitation and use that credit to get free rides.

it releases promo codes for every special occasion for free rides on Eid etc.

Careem Ride Categories

Careem provides many types of rides for all people. There are some types of rides by Careem as follows.

  1. Standard
  2. Premium
  3. Budget
  • Standard Ride

In this category, you can select Go and Economy class Rides including (66occ 800cc cars).

  • Premium Ride

this category, you can select Go+, Business, and first-class Rides (1000cc 1300cc 1800cc cars).

  • Budget

In this category, you can select bikes, rickshaws, and pickups

Careem also offers city-to-city rides with an advance book feature so people can book rides to other cities like (Rawalpindi to Lahore), (Rawalpindi to Murree), (Rawalpindi to Bhurbhan), (Karachi to Hyderabad), etc.

How to Get Careem Promo Code?

You can simply go to promocodesinn visit the Careem post and get the latest updates about Careem Promo Codes.

How to add Careem Promo Code?

  1. Open the Careem App: Make sure you have the Careem app installed on your mobile device.
  2. Log In: If you’re not already logged in, sign in to your Careem account using your registered phone number and password.
  3. Enter Your Destination: Start by entering your pickup location and destination in the app.
  4. Select Your Ride: Choose the type of ride you want (e.g., Economy, Business, or any other options available in your location).
  5. Tap on “Add Promo Code” or “Wallet” Section: At some point during the booking process, you’ll typically see an option to add a promo code. This is often labeled as “Add Promo Code” or it may be located in the “Wallet” or “Payment” section of the app. It can vary depending on the app version and location.
  6. Enter the Promo Code: Tap on the “Add Promo Code” option, and a field will appear where you can enter the promo code. Type or paste the code into this field.
  7. Apply the Promo Code: After entering the promo code, tap on the “Apply” or “Add” button. The app will verify the code and, if it’s valid, apply the discount or offer associated with that promo code to your ride.
  8. Confirm Your Booking: Once the promo code has been successfully applied, confirm your booking by tapping the appropriate button in the app. Your ride will be booked with the discount or offer applied.

How to become a Careem driver?

here’s how you can become a Careem driver:

1. Check Eligibility:

Ensure you meet the basic eligibility criteria set by Careem. These criteria may include:

  • Meeting the minimum age requirement (usually 21 or older).
  • Having a valid driver’s license.
  • Owning a car that meets Careem’s vehicle requirements.
  • Meeting local legal and regulatory requirements.

2. Gather Required Documents:

Collect the necessary documents, which typically include:

  • Your valid driver’s license.
  • Proof of vehicle ownership and registration.
  • Proof of vehicle insurance.
  • Your national ID or passport.
  • A recent photograph of yourself.

3. Download the Careem Driver App:

Download the Careem Captain (driver) app from the app store on your smartphone.

4. Create an Account:

Open the app and create a Careem driver account. You’ll need to provide your personal information and upload the required documents for verification.

5. Complete the Onboarding Process:

Careem may require you to attend an onboarding session or complete an online training program. This is to familiarize you with the app and the company’s policies.

6. Vehicle Inspection:

Your vehicle will need to undergo an inspection to ensure it meets Careem’s safety and quality standards. This might involve checking the vehicle’s condition, cleanliness, and safety features.

7. Background Check:

Careem will conduct a background check, which may include a criminal background check and a driving record check.

8. Vehicle Registration:

Register your vehicle with Careem. This usually involves providing information about your car, including its make, model, and registration details.

9. Activate Your Account:

Once your documents are verified, and you pass all necessary checks, Careem will activate your driver account, and you can start accepting ride requests.

10. Start Driving:

Log in to the Careem Captain app, and you’ll start receiving ride requests from passengers. You can choose when and where you want to drive.

11. Follow Careem’s Guidelines:

Adhere to Careem’s guidelines and policies, including safety protocols and customer service standards.

12. Payment and Earnings:

Careem typically pays drivers a portion of the fare for each ride, and you can track your earnings through the app. Payments are often made weekly or on a schedule defined by Careem.

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