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Howrse is a video game that is a very popular game. it can be played online or through the Howrse mobile app. The applications are available for google play and the app store so you can download the app and enjoy Howrse. Looking for the latest Howrse promo codes and cheat codes? codes give you maximum discount and enjoy the game for free sources. check out the new promo codes below.

Howrse Promo Codes 2023

New Promo Codes September

This is the new Horn of Plenty promo code by Howrse Game
Nyx Box promo code by Howrse Game, Exclusively by Howrse
Get the new Howrse Philosophers Stone Special code and avail amazing offers.
Get a 10% discount by using this latest promo code.
Get an additional 5% OFF with this promo code by

XXHORSEILLUST – Use this code and get Horse for 6 months free

PROMOSPW10 – 10% Off by using this coupon code on your order.

VERVE – This code is to get items for the black market for free.

2a5erp98721x – Put this coupon code and enjoy 3 golden items for free.

NP58 – get a free NYX pack by using this code

Howrse promo codes and cheat codes

  1. HI1HP – (Horn of Plenty)
  2. HOP99 – (Horn of Plenty)
  3. HP33MB – (Medusa’s blood)
  4. XXHORSEILLUST – (random BM item, surprise)
  5. HORSEANDPONY1 – (random BM item, surprise)
  6. YRXMAS – (Medusa’s blood)
  7. HP22MB – (Medusa’s blood)
  8. HI22MB – (Medusa’s blood)

Steps to Apply Howrse Promo codes

  1. open Howrse game
  2. open your desired purchase section in the game
  3. choose your code and put it in the promo code box
  4. Click submit and enjoy 🙂

How to Make Skillers in Howrse

  1. open breeding farm and BLUP should be 100.
  2. Click on the covering offer which should be STALLION (you can put the STALLION code in offers).
  3. Use Aphrodite’s Tears.
  4. Click the cover my mare, you can see the energy will be full.
  5. Click on Age and confirm and go get the vet and put the name SKILLER.
  6. Click items and choose NYX pack with 6 passes and use.
  7. Great work! Now it will be full for six months.
  8. You have many advantages in this Howrse.

Howrse promo codes


A step-by-step guide to getting free Howrse passes.

  1. go to the free buying section, go down and get 300 free points and click start and game and complete the task within the time frame and get 1 pass free.
  2. 2nd task is to sell the Horses.
  3. The 3rd process is to Pass Horse.
  4. 4th task is to use Promotions.

How to Earn Howrse Passes

this method is described by a US server, the prices of passes are varying according to your international server.

Use this method and earn howrse passes, the process described below step by step.

  1. Go to the daily objectives and complete objectives every day from the start to 7th day

(if objectives take more resources and less pass worth then leave objectives )

2. visit the Breeding horses section and breed more horses so you can sell also get more passes

3. Horses for sale objective, you can breed Donkeys when they are ready to breed and sell them to earn the pass and put these Donkeys in the draft section.

4. You can also sell horses when an event goes on or when the horses get old.

5. Go to Trade and select Horse sales and select draft horse then select passes in the price section(because of you sale horse for passes) Gender selection is up to you, you can select female or male

6. after the selection of gender click on the price button and check the minimum price with more passes.

7. You can do the same procedure of unicorns as well.

Howrse cheat codes and Hack Generator

By using Hack generator you can hack unlimited resources and keep enjoying the howrse game. you have to follow the steps to get howrse cheats. the steps are as follows.

  1. put login
  2. select your desired server
  3. to select your Equus to generate
  4. select passes to generate
  5. click start Hack and that’s it 🙂

howrse hack generator

if any code will not work please comment below so we can give you more working Howrse promo codes.

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