Tijuana flats promo codes March 2024 – 60% OFF + Free Shipping

Tijuana Flats promo codes with the best online offers bring more customers towards Tijuana flats that provide the best deals to their customers and this Restaurant is Based in the United States of America. It serves Tex-Max cuisine in all branches in the United States.

The Owner of the Tijuana Flats restaurant are Americans and their names are Larry Ryback(CEO), and Brian Wheeler(Founder), and Founded in 1995 in Winter Park Florida.

It has more than 135 Branches of Tijuana Flats all over the USA including Florida, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Tijuana has more than 3000 employees. This is one of the best and most popular restaurant chains in America which serves millions of customers per year.

Tijuana Flats Promo Codes 2024

New Offers & Deals

DHAR23PA2764 – just sign up at Tijuana flats and make a purchase and get free gift by using this Tijuana flats promo code

1. Free Trio Deal

Sign up for Tijuana Flats emails and get a free trio.

there is no coupon code needed just go-to site and avail this offer

2. Sale Deal

Join EClub for special offers

Weekly offers

Tijuana TuesdazeGet a Special deal only at $5.99 with two tacos, drink and crisp. This deal is also available at 50 penny discount on selected Locations including GA, NC, SC, VA & Select Florida locations.

Throwback Thursdaze – This is also a Weekly offer which is applicable on Every Thursday, This deal includes Tijuana burrito, chips & a drink at only $5.99. there is no promo code required for these deals just go to TijuanaFlats.com and avail this Amazing discounts.

Tijuana Flats Sauces

You can Buy seven types of sauces online at Tijuana sauces in store.

$5.99 Sauces + Merch – Sauces starting at just $5.99. Tijuana Flats brings 7 types of Sauces which are listed below

  • SISSY SAUCE – $5.99 sauces “Mofo’en Sissy Sauce”, “Don’t Be A Chicken Shit 5oz”, “Georgia Peach Vidalia Oni Hot Sauce 5oz”,

“Datil Do-It Pepper Hot Sauce 7oz” $6.99 sauces “The Dictator”, “Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce 12oz”, “Smack My Sweet Ass & Call Me Sally Sweet 15o”

  • MIDDLE WEIGHT – $5.00 sauce “Smack My Ass & Call Me Santa”

$5.99 sauces ” Smack My Ass & Call Me Sally Jalapeno The Second” “Tropical Chile Hot-n-Honey Sauce” “Bee Sting Honey Habanero Pepper Sauce 5oz” The Brutal Bajan Sauce”

“Louisiana Swamp Scum 5oz” “More Fire Hot Sauce” “Ocean Deck Rasta Sauce 5oz” “Sabor Hot Sauce” “Smack My Ass & Call Me Sally Habanera 5oz” “Smack My Ass & Call Me Hot Sriracha 5oz”

$6.99 sauces “Jasons Mom Sauce 5 5oz” “Flaming Fruit Hot Sauce”

  • TEAR JERKER – $5.99 sauces “Tropical Chile Curry Delight Sauce 5oz” “Pyromania 5oz”
  • DEATH WISH – $5.99 sauces “You Can’t Handle This Hot Sauce 5oz” “Endorphin Rush 5oz” “Iguana En Fuego Hot Sauce 5oz”

$9.99 sauces “Hotter Than El Scorpion’s Sting Hot Sauce” “Elijah’s Xtreme Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce” “Colon Blow 5oz” “Blairs Mega Death 5oz” “DaBomb Ground Zero 4oz Sauce” “DaBomb Beyond Insanity Sauce” “Mofo’en Insane Sauce”

$36.99 sauce “DaBomb The Final Answer Sauce”

$35.99 sauce “Smack My Ass & Call Me Sally Chet’s Gone Mad”

$29.99 sauce “Smack My Ass & Call Me Sally Going Postal 5oz”

  • PACKS – $19.99 sauce “Smack Pack” $25.99 sauce “Hot Box”
  • CHARITY – $5.00 sauce “Smack My Ass & Call Me Santa” (This is also called SEASONAL Sauce) $6.99 sauce “Jasons Mom Sauce 5 5oz”

Tijuana Flats promo codes new

$ 0.99 – Get drinks at lowest price only $0.99 at Tijuana Flats online catering service. No coupon code required just go-to site and avail discount.

Tijuana Flats Promo Codes

HARDLY HOMEMADE – This is an exclusive offer from Tijuana which is Named

“Hardly Homemade Burrito Kit” and the price is $34.99, This deal is enough for up to 6 persons, in this deal you get Tijuana Flats essentials, which include protein chicken and beef broth, and also all options of toppings are available. This is one of the best deals so far.

CINCO DE MAYO – This offer is available only in South Carolina from 4 pm to 8 pm and the price of this deal is $2 Mexican Drafts.

$10 Gift Card – Get a Tijuana gift card only at $10, there is no coupon required just go to Tijuana flats gift cards

NOCOUPONNEEDED – This promo code gives you Free Trio, you just paste this promo code at checkout and Enjoy!

$0.99 – Get any drink at a very low price $0.99 only!

$1.25 – This promotion is available on all Cokes at Tijuana

$50 – Buy Ticket Packages starting from $50 up to $5000 so hurry to get the latest discounts at Tijuana ticket packages

$10.99 – Get any Churru Bash at a very low price of $10.99 only! There is no any coupon needed

How to use Tijuana Flats Promo codes

Tijuana flats promo codes help you save much on your purchase at checkout and we update Tijuana promo codes on a daily basis and give you the best coupons and promo codes.

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